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Hey there man, basically my main piece of advice to you is you can't be lazy. The most important part of a run cycle is you take your time and plan carefully how the character will move. Dont forget that the whole characters body will move, not just his legs. This is important to make the run cycle look more natural. Also when you start drawing start with the main stages of a walk. The points at which each leg are highest from the ground and then work your way though adding more frames, making the motion more smooth.

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Good idea but I got used it it quite quickly. One thing i found anoying was if you hold the jump button down for a fraction too long you jumped to your death. Maybe use a key up instead of a key down. But thats not important. Its was a really nice simple game.

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Great game! Ingenious idea and very addictive. Really smooth glide between the proteins. Also the level of detail into the science of the game proves that a little bit of research into a game really proves for a rich experience. This game is a fucking brain wave.

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This game is very remenisant of classic games like pong. The contact between the fireball and the mystic tennis racket isnt always right am I found the the ball way going though the racket allot. Im also confused why you made so when the player crosses the half way line the mystic tennis racket gets bigger and no longer work. This just makes it hard to see whats going on and manes that people cant get there curser back in time for the next shot. A better way of coding it would be to stop the racket from going over the half way line. Just set up an if statement in an event listener if your using actionscript. One thing i did like is the way you have to break though a wall on the other side. This encourages the player to aim there shots and makes the game less about mindless shooting and more about accuracy.

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